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Ubique Network is a startup growth accelerator company that specializes in growth marketing. Through our network, we  elaborate the strategy,  plan the  operations and execute your vision. 

We grow with you, we grow for you. 

At Ubique Network we  provide growth marketing plans and execution to private clients, small businesses, and startups. We develop personalized projects specific to your industry, and target audience.

Our industry experience will match your company's strengths to best penetrate the US market. Ubique Network is deeply integrated with GenZ  audience,  giving your company a head-start when targeting a specific target audience. Over time, we have build trustworthy relationships with our audience and partners providing mutually beneficial results to everyone. 


With Ubique Network, our network's trust will be yours.  

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An ambitious Vision, a clear Mission,
a passionate Team.

Whether you are a small local business, a big company, or a fast-growing startup, at Ubique Network, we provide the workforce and resources to meet your growth marketing goals. Our team is at the center of Ubique Network day-to-day operation, and its passion and ambition for the industry will make your vision, ours. 


Consulting. Intuition.



Our Team will create strategies tailored to your company's needs. The growth plan will reflect your company's mission, and values, using your strengths to place yourself ahead of competitors. A specialized project manager will be assisting you closely throughout your project.



At Ubique Network we are dedicated to craft creative strategies that shape and ignite brand awareness and acceleration. From concept ideation to execution, Ubique Network's Ambassador Program is designed to make your brand stand-out among GenZ. 

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Services that exceed your expectations

“ We collaborated with Corrado when we wanted to test the waters for Doubble in the US. Corrado was highly motived, passionate and went lengths to execute. Corrado knows his audience and we were impressed by his ability to take an idea into a marketing campaign in days. ”
Dennis Rosenlund - Founder & CEO at Doubble 


Our Story,
your story.

Ubique Network was born with the visionary idea that networking at a personal level would eventually help yourself grow your vision, your ideals, and your goals. When I founded Ubique Network, I decided it was time to expand the reach of my network from just family and friends to larger businesses and startups. My network is now yours. 

Corrado Summaria

Founder & CEO

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