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Doubble is a double dating app where you add a handful of close friends and meet new people together. Our vision goes beyond dating, Doubble is a social technology company. We represent a generation that spends the most time on social products that promised to connect us, but find ourselves competing for likes, followers, and attention. Our vision is to create togetherness in a crowded world. To realize our vision, we’re reinventing the experience of connecting by building a close friend social network.

Why we built Doubble

Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg solved boredom.
When Steve Jobs gave us the iPhone, he created a tool to put a world of entertainment in our pocket.
Mark Zuckerberg took this world of entertainment and personalized it for each of us
Today, we’re always a few seconds from pulling up our phone and opening a world of personalized entertainment.
Today, we’re more entertained than ever, but we also feel more lonely than ever.
Here’s the reason: the social networks we use are designed for entertainment. Not authentic experiences.
When you look at the landscape of social networks out there there are essentially two categories:
On the one hand side, you have the social networks where you have no friends like datings app. These solo networks are convenient, but can feel like going out alone.
On the other side, you have the social networks where you have hundreds of friends like most social media. These crowd networks are entertaining, but can feel like going into a popularity contest.
We believe the future of social media is a place where you add a handful of close friend and the magic lies in the authentic experiences you create in togetherness.
That’s why our vision is to create the experience of going out together with your friends at your fingertips.

                                                                                                                                                              - Dennis Rosenlund, Founder & CEO


Teleport: Fashion Thrifting App

Teleport  is a new way of thrifting other people’s closets right from your phone. Scroll videos of people letting go of clothes from their closet. One click buy with Apple Pay. They ship it to you directly with a convenient shipping label directly from the app. Sometimes they even write you a little handwritten note. This is a great way to supplement the thrift store when you want to shop on your phone. Best part is right now they have a promotion right now. Download the app, save three items and unlock $10 of Teleport Cash towards your first purchase. Here’s the website: Enjoy thrifting with Teleport!

Why we built Teleport

Teleport was started because shopping online felt boring and fake. We wanted to simply buy and sell things from our own closets. When we couldn’t find it, we built an app to do just that. Jon left a job in Silicon Valley to make shopping communal and authentic. Danielle left a job in Amazon Fashion to make thrifting online awesome as going to the thrift store. With Teleport, people will help find their unique style, do it without breaking the bank, or weighing down the environment. Join us to dress well, make money, and save the environment.

- Jon & Danielle

teleport logo
Katchup Logo.png


Katchup is an app where one prompt a day brings everyone together. Catch up with friends, once a day without opening an app again.

Easy, fun way to catch up daily with people who matter to you

  • Social media you really wanted without the trash. No recommended/suggested posts or Ads. No BS. Just people who you follow or people in your community.

  • No time sink or endless scrolling. Make catching up fun and efficient.


Poppin: The Party Platform

Welcome to PoppinCreate your own profile and browse parties near you by using a variety of different filters. See who's going, when the party is, and explore your friends' profiles to see what parties they've been to and what they are up to! Host events on the app; both large parties, and small gatherings; and manage who will be attending.

  • Create and find parties

  • Customize and personalize your profile

  • Meet new friends at events

  • Host events and get paid

Why we built Poppin

We're making social-media social again. The first app that helps people get off their phones, not stay on them.  Find events going on in your community, see what your friends are up to, organize hangouts/happenings with your contacts—all seamlessly in one app.

poppin logo

Statement: Better Dressed

Statement is an AI personal shopper, at your fingertips. Statement is a mobile app which gives shoppers a personalized feed of items aggregated in one place from their across favorite their favorite brands and retailers. Online shoppers are exposed to hundreds of different websites and tens of thousands of different clothing options which makes online shopping more overwhelming than it needs to be. Statement simplifies online shopping with algorithms which filter through the clothing available online to bring shoppers the best selection of the most relevant items in their preferred style. Additionally, Statement makes it easy for shoppers to save their items to vision boards and plan their outfits. With Statement online shopping is more relaxing, convenient, and fun, and Statement shoppers are elevating their style with the best selections from across the internet. 

Why I build Statement

We make it easy for you to discover and create your own outfit collections by providing easy-to-use tools to browse and save your favorite looks. Take your fashion game to the next level with special filters, personalized suggestions, and more.

                                                                                                                                                                                     - Alex Levin, Founder & CEO

uomo sport

UOMO Sport

UOMO Sport has a commitment to fashion and function with an innovative, and elegant approach aimed to revitalize the prestige of the sport. UOMO is a luxury men’s tennis collection created to celebrate the intersection where timeless style meets high performance. With an obsessive attention to detail and quality, UOMO is made exclusively in Italy, with advanced Italian techno fabrics, blending optimum performance, classic cuts and innovative technology to create pieces that streamline and support the body.

As a Californian, there is so much iconic beauty. From our beaches to the Griffith Observatory, the Getty museum, legendary golf courses, and of course the oceanside towns of Manhattan Beach, Laguna, Newport & Malibu.


This new collection La Vida Sportiva (the sporting life) Vol.5 has been my favorite so far. I always love seeing people walking around in their tennis threads. It is a sport you can play your whole life and it keeps your body and mind sharp. This collection pays homage to the great style of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. California is a place to keep us inspired and endure our great lifestyle. Whether on the tennis court or on the links, La Vida Sportiva will keep you looking as classic as where the clothes are made.


- Founder, Steven Siebert

UomoSport Logo.png
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