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Public Relations Intern

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Job Type



Academic credits

About the Role: Expectations

  •  Assist the marketing department with advertising and proportional campaigns and activities across various platforms, including print, email, and online.

  • Create media kits and organize client information pertinent to new campaigns.

  • Engaging with media campaigns and strategies to boost/grow the image of Ubique Network within the public eye. 

  • Creating and curating engaging content specific to clientele.

  • Work collaboratively with the creative team, clients, and managers/directors on campaign strategy and bringing forth new ideas.


  • Currently pursuing a degree in a marketing-related field, including but not limited to: public relations, marketing communications, IMC, media relations, advertising, etc.

  •  Passion for the PR industry and understanding of different social networks.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication, presentation, and leadership skills

  • Hybrid-format

  • Office location: tbd, Los Angeles

Join the Team

Ubique Network is a dedicated team committed to bringing new, growing startups unmatched tools and skill sets to bring determined clients’ dreams into a reality. Our team prides itself on bringing fast-paced promotional consulting, advising, and execution services to an internationally growing network based primarily within the California area.


Ubique Network is looking for creative and passionate individuals ready to grow themselves and their professional skills in order to unlock their full potential within the consumer marketing space. 

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