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Graphic Designer

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Job Type


Full Time


About the Role: Expectations

  • +2 years of experience in the industry or a proven record of case studies.

  • Skills in video, gif development and illustration production to expand the breadth and depth of how consumers engage with our creative assets.

  • ability to work on more than one task at the time.

  • Ability to stay organized, meet deadlines and prioritize business needs.

  • Committed to client service and a collaborative environment.

  • A strong working knowledge of experience design, brand development, interactive commerce and the creative process.

  • Strong ability at processing and implementing feedback from across channels without losing the creative integrity of the project.

  • Responsible for content writing and product-based short video making.

  • Hybrid-format.

  • Office location: tbd, LA


  • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of our official account on popular social media platforms such as YouTube/TikTok, creating contents, organizing events, and interacting with users, etc., in expanding followers and keeping it hot;

  • Responsible for the content planning and execution based on our products releasing and branding, in establishing our unique brand image;

  • Optimizing our operation and promotion strategies through continuous data analysis and user feedback;

  • Enhancing our brand awareness and expanding followers through different marketing approaches;

  • Plan marketing campaigns and carry them out through effective cooperation with different business departments;

  • Responsible for content writing and product-based short video making;

Join the Team

Ubique Network is a dedicated team committed to bringing new, growing startups unmatched tools and skill sets to bring determined clients’ dreams into a reality. Our team prides itself on bringing fast-paced promotional consulting, advising, and execution services to an internationally growing network based primarily within the California area.


Ubique Network is looking for creative and passionate individuals ready to grow themselves and their professional skills in order to unlock their full potential within the consumer marketing space. 

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